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"Mr. Nwosu is a good listener and adviser. He made a complicated bankruptcy situation very simple for us. Mr. Nwosu answered our questions and handled the whole bankruptcy procedure for us. He is never judgmental, always supportive. We will recommend his bankruptcy services to anyone who needs bankruptcy help."
- DB, San Jose, Silicon Valley

"We are very grateful for all of your help during our bankruptcy filing. It has been a true learning experience. I appreciate the efforts you and your staff took in understanding our bankruptcy situation circumstances at this difficult time in our life."
- NM, San Jose, Santa Clara County

Law Offices of Geoffrey C. Nwosu

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East Palo Alto Bankruptcy Attorneys and Redwood City Bankruptcy Lawyers

East Palo Alto Bankruptcy Attorney / Redwood City Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy in East Palo Alto / Redwood City Area CA

We are bankruptcy attorneys and lawyers and we serve many clients in East Palo Alto. At the Bankruptcy Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu, our main goal is to seek solutions to solve our client’s problems. You do not have to feel guilty. Bankruptcy is a solution not an end. You have the right to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. We have assisted many people in filing bankruptcy in bay area California. If you are having financial difficulty, lost your job or have high medical bills and want to start fresh, you need to hire a skilled East Palo Alto bankruptcy attorney and Redwood City debt relief lawyer at the bankruptcy debt relief law office of Geoffrey Nwosu representing clients in East Palo Alto, Redwood City, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County and San Francisco Bay Area. Our law office attorneys and lawyers represent clients who are facing foreclosure, creditor harassment, high medical bill, court judgment, repossession, wage and IRS garnishment. You have rights. We can help you. We have helped many clients like you. Please call our East Palo Alto Bankruptcy Attorney & Santa Clara County Bankruptcy Lawyer today at 408-912-5983 or to schedule a free consultation

Is Filing for Bankruptcy Right for You?

Redwood City Bankruptcy Attorney / Help from Redwood City Bankruptcy Lawyer

Our job as East Palo Alto Bankruptcy lawyers and attorneys is to provide you with the information and answer your questions at no cost. However, the truth is that you are in the driver’s seat and the only one who can really make the decision to file bankruptcy. We can only pride you with answers and bankruptcy information. Filing for bankruptcy is not for everyone.  But it does provide a number of advantages to most of our clients’ when compared to other non bankruptcy alternatives. If you find yourself coming up short every month, facing serious financial hardship, or lost your source of income, it probably a good option for you.

Filing Bankruptcy in East Palo Alto and Redwood City allows you to discharge all of your qualifying debts while keeping all or most of your personal property. Our bankruptcy attorney experienced in East Palo Alto and bay area courts will sit down with you and determine if you can even qualify for bankruptcy.  You can then make an informed decision about what is in your best interests.  We may be able to help your financial situation following a brief free consultation. Please call our East Palo Alto Bankruptcy Attorney & California Bankruptcy Lawyer today at 408-912-5983 or to schedule a free consultation

You must seriously consider filing bankruptcy if one or more of the following apply to you:

Credit Card Problems
Phone calls from a credit card company regarding late payment
Not enough money to pay your minimum monthly credit card payments
You cannot pay off your credit cards in less than 5 years
Your credit card balance is going up instead of down
Your interest rate is going up because of your bad credit

Student Loan
Pending lawsuit from your student loan lender
You cannot repay your student loan because of undue hardship t
Your student loan lender has attached your paycheck
Your lender has attached your tax refund.

Wage Garnishment and Court Judgment
Your job just informed you that your check is being garnished
You received a default judgment against you
You are being sued and you have no money to defend yourself
You just want to stop them all and start fresh under the United States bankruptcy code

Real Estate Financial Problems
Your mortgage payment is behind
Your lender refused to talk to you
Your lender has filed a Notice of Default
Your lender want you to sale your house
Your lender wants to foreclose on your house
You need time to sell your home at its market value
You have a judgment lien attached to your home
You are worried about your second loan and need free bankruptcy answers
You want to strip or void your second loan

Pending Car Repos and Repossession Problems
You are behind on your car payment
Your car has been repossessed
Your credit id bad because of repossession and you want to start fresh
Your loan balance is still more than the car is worth
You want to reduce your car loan balance to the fair market value.
You leased a car and has no money to pay redemption payment

Liens / Levies / Taxes / Pending Lawsuits
You want to avoid paying interest in your recent taxes owed
You want to reduce or wipe out taxes that are more than three years old
You have been sued and have no idea on what to do
You have pending lawsuit
Someone just attached liens to your house
You just want to start fresh under the bankruptcy code

Please call our East Palo Alto Bankruptcy Attorney & Santa Clara County Bankruptcy Lawyer today at 408-912-5983 or to schedule a free consultation

East Palo Alto Bankruptcy Lawyer

Debt relief Bankruptcy Attorney helping Redwood City people file Bankruptcy

We are bankruptcy lawyers and attorneys serving Santa Clara, East Palo Alto, Milpitas, Redwood City, Sunnyvale and Fremont area. Our Redwood City lawyer and East Palo Alto bankruptcy attorney will discuss filing bankruptcy with you. This discussion will cover personal bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, credit card bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 11 bankruptcy, business bankruptcy and non bankruptcy solution. We have assisted many clients in fling bankruptcy in Santa Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, Contra Costa County and San Francisco County. Our Redwood City bankruptcy lawyer and Redwood City bankruptcy attorney is ready to provide you with bankruptcy help. Please call our East Palo Alto Bankruptcy Attorney & Bay Area Bankruptcy Lawyer today at 408-912-5983 or to schedule a free consultation.

The bankruptcy Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu is located in San Jose Bay Area Ca. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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